Tenerife Walking Festival features 14 different hikes or rambles to go on alternate days. Thus, you will be able to join the hikes you find more interesting and attractive. A professional guiding service will be provided for each hike.

The hikes fall into three categories: coastal, volcanic and forest hikes.

Coastal hikes

Tenerife, as an island, is surrounded by the sea and features a wide range of coastal trails with stimulating views of the ocean and other islands, offering an irresistible attraction to hikers and ramblers: stunning sunsets. These trails are ideal to enjoy the original, wild scenery of the island coastline.

Volcanic hikes

You may not see a smoking volcanic cone ready to expel lava, since the last eruption in Tenerife took place in 1909. However, you will go through a true Mars-like environment, such as Teide National Park. Tenerife is a sort of Noe’s Ark for volcanism. A corner of the planet gathering all the known manifestations of this phenomenon.

Forest hikes

There are two types of rain: the rain with drops falling downwards (as usual in the rest of the planet) and the horizontal rain produced by condensation (a specific feature in the island). The northern face of the mountains (windward) blocks the passage of the rain-producing clouds, pushed by the trade winds (Alisios). The leaves of the trees soak up the water and the drops fall on the land, resulting in the vast, thick forests found in the upland areas in Tenerife.

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