Coastal hikes

Tenerife, as an island, is surrounded by the sea and features a wide range of coastal trails with stimulating views of the ocean and other islands, offering an irresistible attraction to hikers and ramblers: stunning sunsets. These trails are ideal to enjoy the original, wild scenery of the island coastline.


  • Albergue Montes de Anaga – Degollada – Playa de Antequera (THU-3) Fully booked 24/05/2018 - Antequera beach is undoubtedly the most amazing virgin beach of Anaga. Accessible only by sea or on foot, this tour gives us a unique opportunity to enjoy its clear and calm waters. It is an oasis that is protected by the majestic Roque de Antequera.
  • _NDR0931 Cruz del Carmen – Punta del Hidalgo (THU-5) Fully booked 24/05/2018 - Between the sea of clouds and the sea of foam. This is the first officially approved trail in Tenerife: PR-TF 10 according to the technical nomenclature. This trail offers a great deal of historic and botanical peculiarities about Tenerife.
  • playa_benijo_Santa Cruz de Tenerife_20 agosto_3282_baja Benijo – El Draguillo – Chamorga – Roque Bermejo (FRI-1) 25/05/2018 - Following in the footsteps of pirates. The route starts at the Playa de Benijo, a solitary beach located on the north of the Island. Benijo is a wild beach where you will enjoy of the seashore impressive rocks formations, the volcanic black sand, the big waves, and beautiful sunsets…
  • Cabecera Afur – Taganana (FRI-2) Fully booked 25/05/2018 - Wine trail. First of all, have a look at the views of the impressive cliffs. Now you will be in excellent spirits to go for the hike. The hamlet of Afur lies on the edge of a rock and is comprised of cave dwellings and small thatched-roof stone houses.
  • MALPAIS_GUIMAR_035 Malpaís de Güímar (SAT-3) Fully booked 26/05/2018 - Another World’s Landscape. To visit Malpaís de Güímar, get ready to enjoy a natural breathtaking sight. This small piece of land seems to have been pulled out from another world and inserted directly into this area.
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