Forest hikes

There are two types of rain: the rain with drops falling downwards (as usual in the rest of the planet) and the horizontal rain produced by condensation (a specific feature in the island). The northern face of the mountains (windward) blocks the passage of the rain-producing clouds, pushed by the trade winds (Alisios). The leaves of the trees soak up the water and the drops fall on the land, resulting in the vast, thick forests found in the upland areas in Tenerife.


  • Bailadero – Las Vueltas Taganana Taganana – Las Vueltas – Albergue Montes de Anaga (WED-3) Fully booked 23/05/2018 - El sendero recorre el antiguo camino real que a su vez se dibujó sobre una vereda aborigen. Por aquí se llevaban los cerdos, las cabras, el pescado y todo tipo de víveres desde Taganana a La Laguna mientras esta fue capital de Tenerife.
  • _NDR6179 PR-TF-25 Las Raices – Las Lagunetas – Agua Garcia (WED-5) Fully booked 23/05/2018 - The Agua García’s forest can be compared with a settlement inhabited by a large number of living creatures. Some of themare species unique in the world. If you stop on the way, to see and listen what is happening around you, you will enjoy of the wonderful life that goes from soil to the highest branches of the land of the Viñátigo's trees, also called the “century-old guards”
  • Era-en-la-Degollada Cruz del Carmen – Tegueste (SAT-2) 26/05/2018 - The biggest part of this hike takes place in the shadow of trees. However, what today seems like a leafy and ancient forest, at some points of this route, only 40 years ago, there were mountain areas of scrub in which small groups of trees alternated with completely deserted areas.
  • El Gaitero – La Caldera (SAT-4) Cruce de Arafo – La Caldera GR-131 (SAT-4) 26/05/2018 - The hike covers a part of the GR-131 long-distance hiking path (integrated into the E7 European long-distance path). The trail follows an old forest path leading to the higher area of La Orotava (Aguamansa). This location hosted the first hydroelectric station in the Canary Islands, supplying power to La Orotava with the water volume that flowed from here.
  • El Palmar – Talavera – Los Silos (SAT-5) Fully booked 26/05/2018 - Agricultural landscapes and a diverse vegetation of cacti, euphorbias, fayales and heathers can here be observed. The views over the Isla Baja are more than worthwhile and certainly a good reason to take this very pleasant excursion.
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