Montaña Blanca – Pico Teide + Overnight stay in Altavista refuge (WED-1)

Departure time: 13:30 approximately
Return time: around 19:30 approximately
Bus journey duration (outward and return journey): 2 hours approximately
Hike duration: around 4 hours to the refuge.
Distance: 7 km
Difficulty: very high
Total ascend: 900 m
Total descend: 50 m

Additional activity: Accommodation at the Altavista Refuge

Ref.: WED-1 (17.03.2021).
Price: 45€/person.

Home of Guayota, God of fire

This is the most popular trail in Teide National Park, leading to the peak of the volcano, at an altitude of 3,718 metres. The hike starts at three o’clock in the afternoon and finishes at noon the day after.

The starting point is Montaña Blanca, a mountain fully made of pumice stone. This mountain features some brown freckles, comprised of round rocks of a couple of tons that were expelled by the eruptions as if by a big cannon. The islanders, simple, straightforward people, call them the “balls of Teide”.

During the ascent, some tracks reach a 60%-slope gradient. As elevation increases, the hike becomes tiring, even for those fairly trained. If you are not fit or suffer from any heart condition, you should not try it.

As you ascend, you will realise that vegetation disappears and the weather conditions become more extreme. However, some heroic species can still be found, such as the violet of Teide, an apparently delicate bush with an extraordinary endurance.

The participants will stay overnight in the Altavista refuge. We will get up early to complete the last stretch to the peak and to celebrate the culmination of the ascent as the sun rises. Do not forget to bring your camera or mobile phone fully charged.

Montaña Blanca – Pico Teide + Overnight stay in Altavista refuge (WED-1)
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