Narices del Teide – Sámara (FRI-2)

Departure time: 16:30 approximately
Return time: 0:00 approximately
Bus journey duration (outward and return journey): 3h approximately
Hike duration:  3h approximately
Distancia: 5,2 km
Difficulty: low/medium
Total descend: 180 m
Total ascend: 354 m

Additional activity: Stargazing
Approximately duration: 1h

Ref: FRI-2 (24/05/2019)
Price: 30€/person

MIDE Caption

From the sunset to the sky

This is an easy route, ideal for all kind of people. This route offers the opportunity to get the most of the Mount Teide National Park unique flora and fauna. On the way you might see the “alcaudón” (small birds which love eating insects) and beetles such as the “pimelia” (small, black and with bellies).

The pumice stone, abundant on the place, is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a porous material (perfect for sloughing away dry skin). This type of stone becomes the essence of the plain so-called Cañada de los Guancheros.

Some of the dominant plant species on the area are the “retama” and the “hierba pajonera”, little bushes with white and yellow flowers with aspheric shape.

All these colors create a contrast with the coppery colors of La Fortaleza, the great mountain that reminded after Las Cañadas collapsed. The green of the canarian pine trees and cedars add the place a fascinating aspect.


Narices del Teide – Sámara (FRI-2)
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