Narices del Teide – Los Arenales (THU-2)

Departure time: 8:00 approximately
Return time: around 17:30 approximately
Bus journey duration (outward and return journey): 4 hours approximately
Hike duration: around 5 hours.
Distance: 12,8 km
Difficulty: half
Total ascend: 464 m
Total descend: 968 m

Additional activity: Meeting in Chío.

Ref.: THU-2 (23.05.2019) 
Price: 30€/person.

The trail begins with a sector of malpaís where we can observe interesting volcanic morphologies. Along the route, attached to the edges of eroded lava flows, hundreds of disused hives can be seen and the existence of an old and interesting threshing floor built on lavas pahoe-hoe, known as “Era de la Fajana de Charagueche” . The route then advances through a pine forest area, through the “Paso de Charagueche”, until reaching the slopes of the Chasogo Mountain, where the Mountain Refuge “Casa de Chasogo” is located.

We continue through the Morra Negra among young repopulated pine trees (Pinus canariensis), local flora (Pterocephalus lasiospermus, Chamaecytisus proliferus) and recent lava flows, such as pahoe-hoe plates, lavas cordadas and volcanic tubes, where different ethnographic elements of interest linked with grazing are located.

Narices del Teide – Los Arenales (THU-2)
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