Besides participating in Tenerife Walking Festival, you may also come to Tenerife a couple of days before or extend your stay to enjoy other activities.

These are some of the proposals and the companies you can hire:


Hiking: Wherever your feet take you

You are probably an expert hiker and that is the reason why you have decided to participate in Tenerife Walking Festival. If you are interested in discovering other incredible trails in Tenerife, apart from those included in the event schedule, you will be able to get an additional dose of hiking.

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Diving among rainbowfish

Tenerife is bathed by a warm, crystal-clear sea that encourages visitors to dive in, offering a great deal of underwater caves, natural nooks and even sunken ships that you can visit. Las Galletas is a renowned diving area, although the entire shore of Tenerife is ideal to go underwater. Diving clubs and specialised companies provide all what you need for an unforgettable diving experience.

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Mountain biking

Cars carrying bikes are very common in Tenerife especially at weekends, heading for the mountain areas. Share with the local people your love of mounting biking at Corona Forestal.

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Cycle touring

You can enjoy a more relaxed option of cycling in the roads that go deeper into the natural areas of Tenerife. The road surface is usually in good condition and there is little traffic, a guarantee to go cycling without surprises.

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Surfing and bodyboarding

Tenerife provides a wide range of places to satisfy your thirst for surf. If you have not surfed before, you can find surf schools around the island. Expert surfers know that the best spots with the best conditions are, on the north, El Socorro; in Macizo de Anaga, Almáciga and Benijo and, on the south, Fitenia.
Bodyboarding and surfing are very similar. However, to ride the waves, bodyboarders use a boogie board instead of a surfboard. The locals are very good at bodyboarding and some bodyboarders from Tenerife have even won international competitions. The most renowned beaches for bodyboarding are El Confital, La Caleta and Alcalá on the south of the island.

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Experience the windsurfing lifestyle

Even though there are excellent alternatives to windsurf such as Playa Grande (Arico) and La Jaquita (Granadilla de Abona), El Médano is the village that provides all what windsurfers ever wanted.
A traditional flavour location that has become home to many windsurfing lovers, with eight-knot winds throughout most of the year. El Médano provides a positive atmosphere, with premises to keep your equipment and stalls directly by the beach.

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Perform miracles kitesurfing

Kitesurfing has emerged strongly in Tenerife over the last years. A board and a kite suffice to perform incredible miracles. Los Balos, El Médano and La Tejita, in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona, are a Mecca for kitesurfers. Beginners will find schools to learn in a couple of days the secrets to fly above the sea.

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Tenerife features some of the best conditions all over Europe for freediving. The temperature in winter is never below 18 degrees centigrade and reaches 25 degrees in summer. Tabaiba and Radazul are renowned beaches to go freediving. On the south, the watersports training school in Adeje is the reference for freedivers in Tenerife.

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Dinghy sailing

The conditions for sailing are ideal, with regular wind channels between the islands and 4 to 5 Beaufort wind forces. To take your first steps or perfect your skills, the Marine Sports Centre of Tenerife (Centro de Insular de Deportes Marinos or CIDEMAT) is a great option, with facilities both in Santa Cruz and in Candelaria. You can also hire a boat and go sailing on your own.

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Deep sea fishing

The marinas on the south of Tenerife arrange activities and rent out boats, with or without crew, for those looking for a fishing expedition. The marine fauna is rich in big species such as tuna fish and swordfish. However, blue marlin is the most desired species, reaching up to 650 kilograms.

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Cueva del Viento (The Cave of Wind) is in Icod de los Vinos and its 17 kilometres make it the longest volcanic tube in Europe. This tube was created by a torrent of lava whose external layers cooled down before the layers in the inside. It happened 27,000 years ago during the eruption of Pico Viego, located at the foot of Teide. A guide will show you, during an underground walk, the secrets of this three-level labyrinthine cave and its many passages.

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Paragliding in Tenerife provides a breathtaking feeling. If you are a beginner, try first a two-seater paragliding flight with an instructor. You may think that you must be crazy to leap into the space and that you may regret thousands of times before you do it. However, a couple of seconds after you let out the loudest shout in your life, you will feel free. You will then enjoy the landscape of Tenerife and its great weather.
If you are an expert, the sky is your only limit. There are many places in Tenerife to start your adrenaline-full journey in the sky.

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Rock climbing

Tenerife provides walls for all levels and tastes. There are open ways both in Arico, Guía de Isora and even in Teide National Park.

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Play golf throughout the year

Golf is a relaxing, stimulating sport. Tenerife’s mild temperature from January to December allows you to play golf at any time, including in summer, when special green fee offers are available. Major men’s and women’s championships are held in Tenerife every season, featuring leading players in the circuit. Eight golf courses are available, plus an additional golf course in La Gomera, an island just half an hour away by boat.

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High Performance Sports Centre and Sports Facilities

Practising sports in Tenerife is also very advisable. Besides its excellent weather, Tenerife features infrastructures such as the High Performance Training Centre (Centro de Alto Rendimiento) T3, with some of the best facilities in Europe. Many professional athletes and teams from all the continental competitions come to Tenerife to prepare for their tennis, swimming, athletics and football seasons.

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Ride the waves like the Polynesians

The Polynesians invented a way of riding the waves known as “Stand Up Paddle Surfing”, an activity that you will also find in Tenerife. If you are a complete beginner, as most people are, there are some schools where you can learn the techniques. Fun is guaranteed.

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A version of the Arctic kayaking

Kayak is an Eskimo word meaning “man’s boat”. Away from the Arctic area, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy kayaking in many spots along the coastline. Active leisure companies offer sea trips through breathtaking areas such as the cliffs of Acantilado de los Gigantes, combining this physical activity with stunning views.

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